Operations and Maintenance Plan for Commissioning in Green Buildings

Operations and maintenance plan (O&M) plan is a plan that specifies major system operating parameters and limits, maintenance procedures and schedules, and documentation methods necessary to demonstrate proper operation and maintenance of an approved emissions control device or system.

Systems manual provides the information needed to understand, operate, and maintain the systems and assemblies within a building. It expands the scope of the traditional operating and maintenance documentation and is compiled of multiple documents developed during the commissioning process, such as the owner’s project requirements, operation and maintenance manuals, and sequences of operation.

Prepare and maintain a operations and maintenance plan that contains the information necessary to operate the building efficiently. Operations and maintenance plan is for commissioning must include the following:

Operations and Maintenance Plan for Commissioning
  • A sequence of operations for the building
  • The building occupancy schedule
  • Equipment run-time schedules
  • Setpoints for all HVAC equipment
  • Set lighting levels throughout the building
  • Minimum outside air requirements
  • Any changes in schedules or setpoints for different seasons, days of the week, and times of day;
  • A systems narrative describing the mechanical and electrical systems and equipment
  • A preventive maintenance plan for building equipment described in the systems narrative
  • A commissioning program that includes periodic commissioning requirements, ongoing commissioning tasks, and continuous tasks for critical facilities.

The basic scope and format of a systems manual are outlined in ASHRAE Guideline, the manual usually includes the following:

  • Executive summary
  • Owner’s project requirements
  • Basis of design
  • System single-line diagrams
  • Construction record documents and specifications
  • Approved submittals
  • As-built drawings
  • As-built sequence of operation
  • Original setpoints for all systems commissioned
  • Recommended schedule for recommissioning
  • Recommended schedule for sensor recalibration
  • Equipment operations and maintenance manuals
  • Equipment preventive maintenance schedules
  • Confirmation of completed training for the owner and occupants
  • Ongoing system optimization procedures
  • Final commissioning report


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