In our references, there are project partners consisting of small companies to big holdings, group companies and consortium operating in national and international area. Aksoy Holding in villa, hotel, marina projects, MR Business Services in city hospital projects, Rönesans Holding in embassy and shopping mall projects, Turkuvaz Media in print media, TV and office blocks, Aytekin-Serol, Emta Construction, 77 Construction, Pırıl Construction, Kur Yapı, Set A.Ş., Artek Construction, Kırnak A.Ş., Güney Yapı, Asfa Construction, in a wide range of The US Base projects, Desbuild, Limak, Group 77 in power plant projects, Ege Nisan in hospital and ministry projects, Erke in office building and industrial facility projects, Anadolu Efes and Sanko Energy in industrial projects, EnerjiSA and Dynamic Engineering in office building projects are our references.

The construction industry has significant environmental, social and economic impacts on society. Buildings, which are one of the main outputs of the construction industry, reflect to a large extent throughout their building life – their life cycle.

Among the positive effects of construction activities; providing high-quality buildings and facilities to meet the people needs, providing employment opportunities directly or indirectly (through other industries related to the construction industry) and contributing to the national economy.

In the structures and related industries, the economy is a vital factor. However, another issue should be not considered its environmental impact. Green building concept has been came to the fore within the scope of increasing environmental awareness in recent years.

Standards have been developed, directives have been established, independent auditing and rating agencies have emerged as a result of this development. Thus, it is aimed to increase usage efficiency in every respect; at the same time, it is aimed to minimize the effects on the environment.

Commissioning procedure, if step by step; starting from the owner project requirement, basis of designs, design stages (pre-design and design stages), material and equipment presentations and approvals, purchasing of materials and equipment, delivering them to the site in a complete and demanded manner, assembling according to the workflow program within the scope of systematic and quality-control, start-up and performance tests. It is a holistic approach for the project owner to be delivered with the operation and maintenance procedure, and to deliver the structure obtained smoothly, completely and depending on the design at the first stage.

From this perspective, it is not just a test, adjusting, balancing job, quality-control phase or project management jobs in our country; Commissioning is a sequence of procedures called cradle to cradle in terms of transferring and operating all the systems in the business life.

The role of the mechanical and electrical systems that form the heart of the building is very important to ensure energy efficiency in buildings. In order for a device or system to work effectively, it is not enough to select and install an efficient device. In this sense, it is necessary to start from the point of requests of the project owner about the project and pass the basis of design principles, project design, material, equipment and devices approvals, various control, test, adjustment and balancing (TAB) process phases of the devices and transfer them to the company by commissioning.

However, it is necessary to verify a doing TAB structure once more in its random or critical lines and to establish employer coordination with those responsible for mechanical, electrical and automation.

aksoy holding our references
anadolu efes our references
artek construction our references
asfa our references
assisst our references
aytekin serol
dinamik mihendislik
ege nisan
güney yapı emlak
kırmak inşaat
piril inşaat
rönesans holding
sanko enerji
set dış ticaret
tma mühendislik
turkuvaz medya merkezi
77 group
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incoma commissioning tad cx devreye alma işletmeye alma


incoma commissioning tad cx devreye alma işletmeye alma


incoma commissioning tad cx devreye alma işletmeye alma


incoma commissioning tad cx devreye alma işletmeye alma


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