Commissioning for Green Building

Commissioning title is included in the Energy and Atmosphere title in the LEED Certification. In fact, although it has direct or indirect effects on credits in many titles, it shows its effect directly in two credits in the LEED Rating System.

Commissioning can also be considered on mechanical systems; because it is covered in a narrower frame with electrical systems and automation system that it is connected with mechanical systems.

First of all, it is requested that this credit related to the project be carried out by the Independent Commissioning Agency called the Commissioning Authority. It must also have documented the commissioning experience in at least two building projects with a similar scope of work.

EAc1: Enhanced Commissioning 6 Point
Option-1: Enhanced Systems Commissioning 4 Point
Path-1: Enhanced Commissioning 3 Point
Path-2: Enhanced and Monitoring-Based Commissioning 1 Point
Option-2: Building Enclosure Commissioning 2 Point
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Path 1: Enhanced Commissioning (3 points)

Complete the following commissioning process (CxP) activities for mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and renewable energy systems and assemblies in accordance with ASHRAE Guideline 0–2005 and ASHRAE Guideline 1.1–2007 for HVAC&R systems, as they relate to energy, water, indoor environmental quality, and durability.

Ayrıca tüm bu maddelerde Proje Sahibi İhtiyaç Gereksinimleri ile Temel Tasarım İlkeleri göz önünde bulundurularak işlem yapılması önem arz etmektedir.

Path 2: Enhanced and Monitoring-Based Commissioning (4 points)

Achieve Path 1. and Develop monitoring-based procedures and identify points to be measured and evaluated to assess performance of energy- and water-consuming systems.

Ayrıca sistem kılavuzunun içerisinde herhangi bir değişiklik veya yeni ayarlarla güncelleme gerçekleştiğinde; orijinal tasarıma göre değişikliğin sebebinin belirtilmesi gerekmektedir.

Option 2. Envelope Commissioning (2 points)

Fulfill the requirements in EA Prerequisite Fundamental Commissioning and Verification as they apply to the building’s thermal envelope in addition to mechanical and electrical systems and assemblies. Complete the following commissioning process (CxP) activities for the building’s thermal envelope in accordance with ASHRAE Guideline 0–2005 and the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) Guideline 3–2012, Exterior Enclosure Technical Requirements for the Commissioning Process, as they relate to energy, water, indoor environmental quality, and durability.

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