Benefits of Commissioning (Cx)

In our April blog post entitled Benefits of Commissioning, you can read important details about the process and the ones you are curious about the service. You can contact us to discuss the commissioning process with a professional and certified expert and to get information.

U.S. Department of Energy-funded study concluded that commissioning is indeed cost-effective for both new and existing buildings over a range of facility types and sizes, not only in terms of energy savings but also in non-energy benefits. Investigators found that commissioning new buildings achieved median payback times of 4.8 years.

Importantly, non-energy benefits contribute significantly to commissioning’s overall cost-effectiveness.

These benefits include improved equipment lifetimes, reduced change-orders due to early detection of problems, prevention of premature equipment breakdown by timely correction of problems, reduced operation and maintenance costs, and improved indoor environmental quality.

Benefits of Commissioning

The Commissioning (Cx) Process

Commissioning involves achieving, verifying and documenting the design intent of building systems in the field. Cx assures the building owner that systems are installed appropriately and functioning at or above required efficiency levels. Commissioning typically takes place throughout the design and construction phases, and it involves working closely with mechanical, electrical and controls contractors to fix any problems that surface during the testing and verification process.

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