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Headquartered in Austin, TX, Anka Labs is a small technology company focused on bringing modern, IT-centric software to the $95B Building Automation Systems (BAS) market. Steeped in innovation, the company’s AnkaDOS stack brings metadata-based thinking to reduce the cost and effort to install and commission analytics-ready controllers in tomorrow’s buildings.

Anka Labs’ mission is to develop and bring to market a new software stack destined to operate in EAC class devices, to provide the functions of the old DDC, combined with an unparalleled analytics capability onboard and in the cloud, and a mechanism for extensibility through the creation of an App Store. We call this software stack AnkaDOS (Anka Device Operating System).

AnkaDOS is based on a number of open-source bodies of work from the IT and BAS industries. We combine this with a number of commercial software solutions, developed by Anka Labs and other leading technology companies in the space. The resulting stack provides significant value for the use of AnkaDOS within EACs in the short and long term. The integration of these components is key to the value of AnkaDOS. Our understanding of the needs of the market, combined with experience in past work and our relationships with key thought leaders in the industry, enables us to create a unique solution for the burgeoning space.

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