Our company is established in Adana/TURKEY by 2013 in order to provide technical services and consultancy for building mechanical systems, Testing Adjusting and Balancing (TAB) Services and Independent Commissioning Services for high technology and sustainable building projects all over the world. We have committed and targeted to have important missions in either national or international projects by execution of the most appropriate engineering applications by conforming to the most current technologies, technical, quality and environmental standards and regulations in addition to our years of experiences from international construction projects.

In order to reach our targets and to provide best services to our customers, our company is a member of AABC (Associated Air Balance Council) Commissioning Group and Certified Commissioning Authority (CxA). In addition these, our company is a member of U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) to have role for LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) projects that are getting importance and common in Turkey as all over the world.


Legal Address : Kurtulus Mahallesi Ataturk Caddesi No:57
Behice Yazgan Apt. Zemin Kat No:4
01120 Seyhan – Adana – Turkey
Tax Administration : ZIYAPASA V.D.
Tax ID Number : 4650478769
Chamber of Commerce : Adana Chamber of Commerce Registration#72245
DUNS Number : 502675651
NCAGE Number : TD251
Mersis Number : 0465047876900017
CCR Registration : Our Company is a CCR Registered Company.


Our company has below instruments are calibrated and all other required tools for HVAC Testing and Measuring works;

customer logini imlec Air capture Hood    TSI Instruments Model 8380
customer logini imlec 2 Air Flow ProbeTSI Instruments    TSI Instruments 800187
customer logini imlec 2 Humidity and Temperature Probe    TSI Instruments 800220
customer logini imlec 2 Velocity Matrix    TSI Instruments 801090
customer logini imlec Hydronic Manometer    TSI Instruments Model HM685
customer logini imlec Ultrasonic Flowmeter    Testo Model DXN
customer logini imlec Multi-Function Hvac Meter    Testo 435-4
customer logini imlec 2 IAQ Sensor    Testo 0632 1535
customer logini imlec 2 Hotwire Flow Velocity Probe    Testo 0635 1025
customer logini imlec 2 Surface Temperature Probe    Testo 0614 1635
customer logini imlec 2 RF Handle    Testo 0554 0189
customer logini imlec 2 Humidity Probe Head    Testo 0636 9736
customer logini imlec Lux Meter    Testo 540
customer logini imlec RPM Measuring Instrument    Testo 470
customer logini imlec Infrared Thermometer    Testo 830-T1
customer logini imlec Data Logger    Testo 174H
customer logini imlec Refrigerant Measurement    Testo 557-2
customer logini imlec Hvac Clamp Meter    Fluke 902/E
customer logini imlec Laser Distance Meter    Fluke 414D
customer logini imlec Hvac Torch Light    Fluke RLD2